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The Social Network Holiday Extravaganza!

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Welcome to The Santa Network!

With another holiday season amongst us, and another year as a fandom remembered, it is that time again to spread a little holiday cheer in the stylings of The Social Network! If you are into giving and receiving some fannish holiday joy over the winter holidays, you should totally participate in round of TSN Secret Santa.

1. Minimum word count for fic is 2,000 words.
2. Warnings are strongly encouraged.
3. You mustn't post your stories before your assigned date.
4. You may crosspost your work to other communities forty-eight hours after your assigned date.
5. Both check-in dates are mandatory given the nature of this exchange.
6. If you know now you cannot dedicate time to this challenge, please do not sign up. Any dropouts will put others at risk of not receiving a present. Nevertheless, we recognize life happens, so if you suspect you must default, do so in a timely manner for we can comfortably arrange a pitch-hit.
7. Have a jolly time, silly!

7-15 October: Signups
17 October: Assignments Sent
14 November: Mandatory Check-In
12 December: Mandatory Check-In #2 / Drafts Submission
17 December: Posting Dates Assigned
23 Dec - 5 Jan: Gifts Exchanged!